About Us

Homa Studios gives the everyday an upgrade with home and dining objects that prize craftsmanship, emerging technology and collaboration.

Us humans spend basically half of our lives occupying the space in our homes. It’s sort of an extension to who we are as people. At Homa, when we are making and designing our first intention is to bring joy to the home. You’ll see this common language of smoothness, warmth, and beauty across all of our forms.

Meet Our Founder

 Altarik Banks

A native of New Jersey. Altarik, an industry innovator - leads the charge as design principal of Homa Studios. 

His path to designing is untraditional, graduating university with a psychology degree and only taking an art class in middle school. So much of what he knows today is through learning by doing. 

He doesn’t know how to use a traditional ceramic wheel, but yet he craft his ceramics utilizing digital design, 3D printing, and mold making techniques. 

Collaboration is at the heart of Altarik’s design process. He takes pride in working with young newly emerging talent (pretty much all his friends) to bring out the best in each other.